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For All of Life's Messes
Roll & Go!

Forever Sticky is not your typical lint roller. It's super sticky abilities make it perfect for picking up just about anything! Here are just a few ideas to get you started with your new Forever Sticky!


  • Take lint off clothing

  • Clearns furniture, floors, and carpets

  • Perfect for removing pet hair

  • Picks up dust, dirt, and sand

  • Great for the car and RV

  • Portable and great for travel

  • Safe for all surfaces


Use it, Rinse it, Dry it

Cleaning Instructions: Forever Sticky is easy to use and easy to clean, environmentally friendly and can be used over and over again. Once the Sticky roll becomes full, simply rinse with warm water. To maintain your rollers adhesive ability, wash it with lotion free dish soap, especially when dealing with furry friends. Forever Stick can be air dried. For immediate use, dry with a lint free cloth. Old dish towels work great.


Additional care:

  • Do not store in high heat

  • Keep out of direct sunlight

  • Not intended for use on glass

Manufactures life time guarantee

If Forever Sticky should ever lose its stickiness, please return the roller along with proof of purchase and it will be replaced.

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