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Charity Fundraising with Autographed Sports Memorabilia

Owner Rick Owens at a golf charity event where RGO Sports provided a charity auction. 

Contact request below. 

Since RGO Sports' conception, our desire has been more than just adding to collections and man caves, but to also help people. The way we would love to help you and/or your organization is through our charity auctions. We can provide a fun, no fees, no risk, and no hassle auction for your next event.

FUN - We do this by generating a lot of buzz and excitement by having one of our amazing displays at your event. You will see how quickly people gather around our amazing autographed pieces.

NO FEES - While other fundraising activities may include a wide range of fees, or cost to your charity/organization, there is no charge for RGO Sports to provide items for your auction or fundraiser.   

NO RISK - Having us at your event is no risk to you, because whatever item is not bid on comes back with us! This means less worry, and not having to purchase any unwanted items.

NO HASSLE - A member of our team will be available to help run the silent auction if needed and we can provide bid sheets and pens, collect payment, and distribute the memorabilia to the winners.  The process is very simple and hassle free.

Big or small, let RGO Sports help you in your next fundraising event. If you have any questions or would like more information in regards to our charity auctions, please contact Rick at 832,216.1956 or


We can provide quality autographed sports memorabilia for next event.


Thank you! You will hear from us soon.

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